About Us

Posro is ‘the local village shop’ in Konkani, the lyrical language of that tiny, designer state on India’s west coast: Goa.

Besides stocking all the food and houseware villagers need, this local shop is also a social hive. Folks meet, greet, exchange daily news, swap recipes…the Posro is always abuzz!

Bygone days had every village self sufficient. Rice grew in backyard fields. Handmade oil, jaggery, vinegar, roof timber and thatch, came from the many coconut groves shading the village.

In wood-fired kitchens, loving hands ground curry pastes from ancient, secret recipes, spiced with homegrown chillies, magical forest herbs and mysterious condiments.

Everyone knew who made the best masalas, pickles, preserves and sweets in the village. When people reluctantly left for the cities to work, they carried along homemade bounty, for the months away. And visiting relatives regularly took them, the good stuff from back home.
Now, Posro brings these local treasures to you!

We have worked to source the choicest homemade products around, so you can ‘savour the flavour’ of Goa’s best-kept, secret recipes and ingredients.

Beyond our tiny borders, we are fast getting in touch with India’s grassroots, to give our ancient, rural civilisations the exposure their secrets need: their arts and crafts; their family produce from farm, grove and kitchen garden; their practical technologies; their cuisines. Their very lives.


Posro aims to give local artisans a wider reach.

Our experience with Covid-19 has spotlighted the need to:
Boost small-scale producers
Refresh village markets
Preserve traditional skills and occupations

We aim to sustain local, grassroots economies, pan India…

Posro sells only locally-made products.

When you buy here, you are assured that it is not made in a factory, or mass produced. Our artisans, all grow and craft their creations, individually or in small batches.

So, you are assured of getting homegrown, homemade quality, from happy, caring people who love what they do.

As we grow and reach beyond Goa’s borders, we will increase our network of artisans. Do keep visiting the Posro regularly. You will discover new gems from our treasure-hunts, through grassroots India.

Your Very Own Brand

Do you make simple rava ladoos?  Or tasty beaten rice chivda?  Authentic, ethnic, garam masala, maybe?  Possibly, just original bamboo, shell, terracotta, arboric artifacts?

If you do, you deserve your stamp on it.  Yes, your name.  Your label.  Your very own brand.

It does not matter how ‘small’ you are, how ‘tiny’ your creation is, how ‘limited’ your production is, your individual brand is a birthright.


Posro will help you with the branding, packaging, advertising and sales of labour-of-love.


At Posro we are committed to minimise packaging waste. It keeps our carbon footprint tiny.

This is why our products come in glass or food-grade recyclable PET jars. Please reuse or recycle the containers after you have enjoyed their distinctive contents.

We finally wrap our products in recycled paper and try to use environmentally friendly packaging. This can sometimes cost more, because we encourage grassroots employment among women and occupational therapy, in institutions for senior citizens, special education, addiction, the blind, and prisoners.

We are always happy to learn innovative and earth-friendly skill-sets, so please email us packaging or other, alternate brainwaves you have.


We are a group of simple folk, who believe that the good life begins with gently floating down to earth. Returning to our roots. Revisiting our traditional lifestyles and cultures. Going back to the basics. Going home.

We live there…

Posro is a tender, gentle reminder: “Come home!”

Core Team

Tarika Kiran

Owner | Logistics

Ernest Vaz

Administration | Operations

Sridevi Patil

Sales Promotion

Suhail Kiran

Shipping | Delivery

Samantha Viana

Artisan Coordination