At Posro, while our artisans range from teenagers to seniors 60+, a common emotion grips them: they love what they do! They care and bring passion to the work of their hands.

Very often, they have apprenticed with a parent or family member. The unwritten ‘tricks-of-the-trade’ or secret recipe has been handed down several generations. Most of our artisans, have been making and selling their creations locally, for several years.

In many cases, for several decades. The Posro team encounters these artisans, personally. We know their story and will slowly share it here. We believe that the person, family or community behind the product matters, as much as the product itself. In a world of dreary, machine-made clones, we bring you distinctive, handcrafted originals, created by happy people who love what they do. We firmly believe that it is this labour of love that makes all the difference. It is reflected in the quality of the creations you will receive.

People not profit, powers the Posro!