Worldwide, the Covid-19 problem has literally locked us in.

At Posro, we make the problem the solution.  We transform crippling lock-downs into, enabling ‘huddle-ups’ in cyberspace.  Our virtual huddles, free you from the chains of real time and space.

Empower yourself, your children, your neighbours and friends, with skills and do-it-yourself technologies that you yearned to learn, ‘some day…’

From growing food at home in your balcony, terrace or kitchen garden, to hydroponics and aquaponics; from basic cooking and baking, to advanced chef-level cuisine; from learning to stitch on a button, to dress designing, cutting and sewing; from the dying skills of simple knitting, to intricate tatting, crocheting and macrameing; from carpentry, electricals and home-sciences, to alternate architecture and building technologies…

So whether it is academics, writing, art, music, dance, fitness, sport, martial arts, what-have-you, just mention the technique or skillset you are interested in and we will find an online huddle for you to acquire it.  What’s more, once you are confident enough, we will help sell the ‘work of your hands,’ to an international market.

As Her Royal Highness Corona, bids us adieu, we will get back to normal, meet face-to-face and organise live, buzzing, exciting huddles at various Posro venues.